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Have an Advocate working for you.

Our team are local agents with over 17 years of health and financial industry experience.

Professional Services

We believe that if we would not recommend this to our moms and dads, we wouldn't recommend it to our clients.

Customer Service

We have the best customer service. We strive to return any email or phone call within 1 to two business days.

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What makes us DIFFERENT than anyone else?

Time Is Of The Essence

You live a busy life. You need expert advice and tools to help you navigate your decision. We will continue to earn your trust for the long haul. Thank you for visiting our website.

ObamaCare, Medicare plans, Drug Plans and Other Insurances

Our agency specializes in your not so normal situations. Having Medicare challenges, we are your team to straighten it out. Worried about open enrollments, retirement planning, final expenses, annuities, etc. it's all part of the are part of the senior market which we love, where we thrive, and why it became our specialty.

Medicare Advantage Plans vs Supplemental Plans

We take great pride in knowing Medicare and being experts in the ever-changing regulations in this market. As your agent it is not our job to choose which option to pick, in fact it is against regulation, here at Gateway Senior Solutions. We are here to educate you as to the options you have available in your local area and guide you through the process. If we wouldn't recommend it to our mom and dad we wouldn't recommend it to you, our client.

Work Within Your Budget

No matter the service we are providing we always do it within your budget. There are no hidden fees, or no consultation fees. With all of the options we have available we can work with most any budget, feel free to contact us to see how we can help you.

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We are here for your insurance needs!

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Our Team

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We┬┤re proud to represent insurers such as:

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